Webinar: Unlocking Business Value Through Cybersecurity Best Practices

Webinar: Unlocking Business Value Through Cybersecurity Best Practices

Data breaches, ransomware, IP theft - most of us are fully aware of the pervasive and heightened risks posed by cybercriminals.

In 2021, the total cost of worldwide cybercrime was approximately $6 trillion USD. To put this number into perspective, the 500 corporations that make up the Fortune 500 List (including Apple, Amazon, Google, Exxon Mobil, etc.) together generated $13.8 trillion USD in revenue last year. So, it comes as no surprise that more than two thirds of business leaders feel their cybersecurity risks are increasing.

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Recognise the Value

Despite this, organizations continue to exhibit dissonance between their perception of cyber-attacks as a top risk and their approach to managing it, with even fewer recogniSing the value to be found in cyber readiness.

Today the savviest leaders understand that incorporating cyber security best practices into their operations not only provides added protection, but it gives them an edge, whether it is at the level of fund raising, securing the value chain, or increasing market access.

In this webinar, cyber security expert Iva Tasheva, co-founder of Brussels-based cybersecurity consulting firm CyEn, will share examples, tips and best practices to show what value can be gained from cyber security readiness, including:

  • Securing the deal in Mergers & Acquisitions
  • Obtaining partnerships and locking in the value chain
  • Increasing market access through compliance

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