Tech Vendor Due Diligence

Maximise the asset's exit value

  • Initial Tech Due Diligence report to identify tech issues

  • Evaluates risks in cybersecurity, scalability, IP and AI​

  • Proposes a detailled roadmap of fixes

  • Delivers a VDD report with investor thesis

  • Provides support on investor Q&A

Vendor Due Diligence Technologique

Our clients

Identify the weaknesses and allow time to fix them.

Evaluating tech maturity

Evaluating tech maturity

• Software architecture
• SaaS deployment vs On premise
• IS Infrastructure
• Best practices / Langage
• Tools and Processes
• Human Capital / Key People

Evaluating cybersecurity

Evaluating cybersecurity

• Code vulnerabilities​​
• Cyberdefense tooling in place
• Pen testing
• Network footprint
• Processes and governance

Evaluating AI

Evaluating AI

• AI business model
• Complexity and maturity
• Data risk
• Analysis of roadmap and team skills
• Exploitation and scalability of the AI

Evaluating Intellectual Property

Evaluating Intellectual Property

• Open source inventory (OSS)
• OSS risk categorisation
• Software IP value
• Domain names
• OWASP (Open Web Application Security Project)

What our Tech Vendor Due Diligence evaluates

what our Vendor Due Diligence evaluates

Our VDD solution supports you during pre-sale phase by identifying weaknesses in your technological asset and areas of risk, guiding you on the corrective measures to implement, and highlighting your strong points to invetsors. Our mission is to help maximise the value of your technological asset.

During the process, we evaluate the following elements:

  • Cybersecurity vulnerabilities and intellectual property litigation risks, compared with industry standards
  • Scalability of the asset, its architecture, IT infrastructure, SaaS deployment, methodologies and processes, and development culture
  • Where applicable, the maturity of AI components and their ability to drive business growt
  • The final VDD report is delivered once the corrective measures have been implemented and highlights the strengths of the technological asset.

100% secure, 100% of the time

We’ve been protecting source code for 40 years, always ensuring the highest levels of security:

Secrecy of the source code assured through a strict workflow

• Upload made through secure server (no email, no SFTP) direclty through our plateform or via Git

Temporary presence on our server with total deletion post-scan analysis

• No access by external parties or human ressources. Only scanner can read

• Non-disclosure agreements, letters of guarantee and certificate of destruction

Our Areas of Expertise

expertise tech due diligence Vaultinum

Software architecture and Strategy​
Head of M&A & IT, CIO / CTO, Senior Consultants (Dev), Managing Partners​
Intellectual Property​
Expert in IP, Open-Source experts, IP Lawyers, ​
Cybersecurity experts, Ethical hackers, CISO​
Certified DPOs, Risk Managers, European Commission experts​
Artificial I​ntelligence
Data Scientist, No code AI engineers​
European Commission experts, Expert Lawyers 

Know more about our experts

Step 1 : Full Tech Due Diligence with red flags​

Online assessment tech DD

• Includes Online Assessment, code scan, and contextualisation of results by our experts.

• Identifies intellectual property, cybersecurity, and scalability risks.

• Evaluates the asset's compliance with GDPR and ESG criteria.

• Delivers a comprehensive report, including details of vulnerabilities and the code scan report.

• Proposes a roadmap with estimated costs, schedule, and priorities

Step 2 : Fixing the issues

Tech vendor due diligence fix

• Duration: 1 to 8 weeks depending on identified vulnerabilities.

• Implementation of corrections and optimisations.

• Assistance from our experts to explain the roadmap.

• Enhances the value of the asset.

Step 3 : VDD investor report

report for Vendor Due Diligence

• Highlights the strengths of the technological asset.

• Focuses on key points: scalability, cloud readiness, tech build-up, IP, security, etc.

• Evaluates the growth potential of the asset.

• As a trusted third party, Vaultinum can also promote the asset to investors and assist you in preparing the pitch.

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