Technology Due Diligence

Scalability | Cybersecurity | Intellectual Property | AI

  • Includes source code scan and expert review​

  • Assesses scalability, AI, cybersecurity, IP, OSS & GDPR

  • Covers Architecture, SaaS, Infrastructure, Tooling, Processes

  • Specific analysis of AI maturity and AI disruption

  • Investor risk report with technical debt and related Opex Capex

Tech Due Diligence
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Cybersecurity Risks

Cybersecurity Risks

• Data Theft
• Ransomware
• Opportunity Costs
• Reputational Consequences
• Reduced Efficiency
• Regulatory fines / Litigation

Intellectual Property Risks

Intellectual Property Risks

• Open Source Software Restrictions
• Loss of IP ownership
• Litigation
• Costs of coming into compliance
• Loss of asset value

Maintainability and Scalability Risks

Maintainability and Scalability Risks

• Re-engineering
• Increased development costs
• Delays in delivering functionality
• Decreased reliability
• High Technical Debt

AI Maturity Risks

AI Maturity Risks

• AI washing
• Overevaluation
• Market disruption
• Risks associated with data
• AI exploitation and scalability

What is included in our Technology Due Diligence

Tech Due Diligence

Our risk assessments analyse the tech asset from various perspectives to help enhance technological optimisation, and foster value creation.​

  • We evaluate product, infrastructure and architecture, to ensure that these systems are secure, reliable, scalable and support future growth ​
  • We assess the human capital, identify key people, and analyse the ability of the IT team to execute the roadmap​
  • We verify that the tech is aligned with the business strategy and has the potential to drive significant value​
  • We assess the maturity of the AI components and its ability to grow the business​
  • We deliver a full investor report with executive summary, observations, scoring, industry benchmark, and strategical recommendations

100% secure, 100% of the time

We’ve been protecting source code for 40 years, always ensuring the highest levels of security:

Secrecy of the source code assured through a strict workflow

• Upload made through secure server (no email, no SFTP) direclty through our plateform or via Git

Temporary presence on our server with total deletion post-scan analysis

• No access by external parties or human ressources. Only scanner can read

• Non-disclosure agreements, letters of guarantee and certificate of destruction

Our Areas of Expertise

expertises tech due diligence Vaultinum

Software architecture and Strategy​
Head of M&A & IT, CIO / CTO, Senior Consultants (Dev), Managing Partners​
Intellectual Property​
Expert in IP, Open-Source experts, IP Lawyers, ​
Cybersecurity experts, Ethical hackers, CISO​
Certified DPOs, Risk Managers, European Commission experts​
Artificial I​ntelligence
Data Scientist, No code AI engineers​
European Commission experts, Expert Lawyers 

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Online Assessment

Online assessment performance view

A series of online questionnaires to evaluate the audited organisation’s management of:
• Cybersecurity Practices
• Intellectual Property Protection
• Software Development
• IT infrastructure organisation
• GDPR processes
• AI maturity

Source Code Scanning

Source Code Scan

Our unique proprietary source code scanning methodology gathers data analysis from 10 scanners, covering:
• Cyber vulnerabilities
• Code hygiene and maturity
• OSS dependencies
• OSS copy/paste
• OSS modifications
• Git analyzer for scalability

Contextualisation with IT Experts

Contextualization with Experts

Following completion of the online assessments and code scan, an expert interview is carried out to:
• Review findings in the context of business objectives
• Analyse the Dataroom
• Identify mitigating factors
• Understand technology environment and end use
• Assess timelines to formulate action plan

Delivery of the Risk Report

Tech Due Diligence report

In 3 weeks, Vaultinum provides full risk report and action plan highlighting:
• Level of risk compared to industry
• Scalability of the tech asset
• Cloud readiness
• Build up readiness
• OpEx and CapEx estimated risk
• Bottom-up analysis leading to better accuracy
• Deep tech background to factualise risks and recommendations

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