Tech Due Diligence

Expert evaluation of an organisation’s performance in
IP, Cybersecurity, Software Infrastructure, ESG and GDPR

Unique combination of self-assessment and source code scan

Illustrated scoring report with industry benchmarks and an action plan

Mitigated and completed by our tech due diligence experts

Collaborative online management platform

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Identify issues and risks linked to your tech investments

Tech Due Diligence

Cybersecurity Audit

Intellectual Property

Scalability & Quality Audit

ESG Audit

GDPR Audit

Tech Due Diligence

tech due diligence

Tech Due Diligence

  • 360° Tech Due Diligence report
  • Runs in depth audits of the software's vulnerabilities in Intellectual Property, Cybersecurity, Quality and Scalability.
  • Includes online-assessment questionnaires and a full source code scan
  • Pen test upon request, to improve the cybersecurity audit
  • Delivers a report with actionable recommendations reviewed by our IT and Legal experts
Tech due diligence explained

Who should use Vaultinum's tech audits ?

Tech Investors

For Tech Investors

  • Reduce your M&A investment risk by performing tech due diligence and assessing the software of companies you wish to acquire.
  • Uncover potential vulnerabilities and risks associated with the use of open source software.
  • Assess the environmental performance of your investments
  • Get essential information and recommendations on the technology you want to invest in and improve your decision making.
Tech Vendors

For Tech Vendors or Clients

  • Add value to your technology by reducing IP and cyber security risks,
  • Ensure compliance with the regulatory framework.
  • Manage open source licenses, mitigate security risks and facilitate growth, including raising capital.
  • Get critical information about the software or system you plan to use to improve your vendor selection process.

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Code Scan

The source code is uploaded to our platform and immediately encrypted for full confidentiality.  Once the scan is complete, the source code is erased from our servers.

Expert Feedback

Our experts bring extra insights and help you contextualise the results. They are bound by strict confidentiality agreements necessary for the tech due diligence process.

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