IP Deposit

Prove ownership of your digital assets

  • Secure online deposit with asymmetric encryption

  • Source code stored on our own secured servers

  • Instant delivery of a timestamped certificate of deposit

  • Certificate of deposit recognised in courts in 181 countries

  • Unique platform that streamlines and automates updates

IP deposit

100% secure, 100% of the time
We’ve been securing source code for 40 years
and provide the highest level of security

• Secrecy of the source code assured through a strict workflow

• Upload made through secure server (no email, no SFTP) directly through our platform or via Git

• Temporary presence on our server with immediate auto-deletion post scan

• No access by external parties or human resources. Only scanner can read

• Non disclosure agreements, letters of guarantee and certificate of destruction

IP Deposit explained

What is an IP Deposit?

An IP deposit is a solution recognised in courts that allows software publishers, digital innovators and database owners to provide an unforgeable proof of date for their creation.

In a copyright dispute or infringement action, the author of the creation will have to prove to the court that he or she was the first to come up with the idea. A deposit will allow the author(s) of the digital work to provide an unforgeable proof of date to their rights and demonstrate that he or she has prior rights to their creation.

IP Deposit

What can be deposited in an IP Deposit?

5 good reasons to make an IP deposit

IP deposit

1. Assert your ownership rights against those who may have copied, infringed or stolen your creation
2. Archive your source code and related critical business data on a secure server
3. Map the history of your digital creation portfolio and its evolution
4. Add value to your company by showing the strategic steps taken to protect your IP
5. Obtain better insurance and loan conditions by being able to show you've taken steps to protect your ownership rights

How does an IP deposit work?

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Set up your account

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Upload your documents

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your certificate from a certified authority

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Your source code is now protected

Simplicity and security throughout the software deposit process

Easy online management

Vaultinum’s simple, streamlined online platform allows clients to manage their deposited digital asset portfolio and consult their history at any time.

Less than 5 minutes

That's all it takes for clients to create an account, upload their files, and obtain a certificate as proof of the software deposit. Users are then able to download their deposit certificate within minutes.

Your Data is Safe with Us

With 45 years of legal and IT expertise, you can rest assured that your data is safely encrypted and stored on our Swiss servers, using the AES 256 encryption algorithm.

Two options for more control

Verified deposit

Verified deposit

This option establishes the list of what has been deposited, as well as a calculation of the individual electronic fingerprints (hash) of each file included in the deposit. 

Much like human fingerprints, the hash is a unique identifier for digital files. By using the hash function, Vaultinum ensures the data has not been corrupted or changed since the initial deposit.  
The verified deposit allows the beneficiary of an escrow contract to ensure that what is in the file is in line with what was agreed in the contract. 

Controlled deposit

Controlled deposit

This option offers a higher level of assurance to ensure that the beneficiary would indeed be able to successfully use the software in the event of supplier failure. 

This process involves a Vaultinum agent running the software in the presence of the beneficiary and the software supplier to check whether the deposited source code is functional and that all elements are sufficiently and coherently documented to enable independent use.

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IP Deposit

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Still unsure about how to protect your software copyright with a deposit? Our team of legal and IT experts are always happy to talk you through the best option for you and your business needs.

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