IP deposit

Prove ownership of your digital assets

Vaultinum's IP Deposit features

Secure online IP deposit with encryption

Ability to verify the deposit elements

Delivery of a certificate of deposit valid in 181 countries

Unique platform that streamlines and automates updates

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What can be deposited?

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Why make an IP deposit?

Peace of mind

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Prove Ownership

A deposit of software source code with a trusted third party, like Vaultinum, provides unforgeable proof of the origin of a creation to protect against software copyright infringement issues.

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Provide Reassurance

Showing that a deposit of software source code has been made, demonstrates that the intellectual property has been protected and in the event of software copyright infringement issues, rights can be asserted.

Two options for more control

Verified deposit

Controlled deposit

Our clients

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how does an IP deposit work?

Intuitive process

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Deposit your documents

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Make your payment online

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Receive your certificate

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Your source code is now protected

Simplicity and security throughout the IP Deposit process

Easy online management

Vaultinum’s simple, streamlined online platform allows clients to manage their deposited digital asset portfolio and consult their history at any time

Less than 10 minutes

That's all it takes for clients to create an account, upload their files, and obtain a certificate as proof of the software deposit. Users are then able to download their deposit certificate within minutes

Your data is safe with us

With 45 years of legal and IT expertise, you can rest assured that your data is safely encrypted and stored on our European based servers, using the AES 256 encryption algorithm.

Our pricing plan

IP Deposit

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Encrypted deposit
Certificate of deposit

Still unsure about how to protect your software copyright with a deposit? Our legal and IT experts are always happy to talk you through the best option for you.

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