Scalability Audit

Data-driven, Comprehensive Approach to Vendor and Buy-Side Tech Due Diligence

  • 360° analysis of the IT environment, including a scan of the Git history

  • Focus on Human capital, tech stack maturity, architecture, build up potential and cloud readiness

  • OPEX and CAPEX estimation, to scale, in alignment with business strategy

  • Full Tech report with assessment, observations and recommendations to match business objectives

Scalability Audit

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Scalability Audit: One Dashboard, Complete Control

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Our unique combination of Scanners and Experts provides a thorough analysis of the technology asset

Results are available on an online dashboard that enables long-term management and value creation.

The Scalability Audit provides the following :

• 360 IT Audit including IT organisation and Human capital
• Roadmap review and alignment with business strategy
• Architecture, infrastructure, and cloud readiness
• Tech Stack Maturity
• Methodology and tooling
• Technical debt and recommendations
• CAPEX OPEX scenarios

Online Assessment

Online Assessment Scalability Audit

Comprehensive online evaluation of the software development process that analyses:

• Team organisation

• Tools and Technology

• Quality and product testing

• Operations (deployment, data management...)

Scan of Git History

Scan of Git History

Our unique scanning methodology collects data from the Git repository to identify:
• Number of languages used per project over time
• Risk of obsolescence
• Methodology issues (such as ratio of test over time)
• Maintainability risks linked to Human Capital (such as high turnover rate, knowledge distribution, individual efficiency...)

Expert Contextualisation

 Contextualisation with Experts

Once the online assessment and the Git scan are complete, the IT expert reviews the company’s IT environment and delivers a contextualised report, that includes:

• Scoring from the online assessments

• 360° view of the company’s IT organisation, including IT infrastructure, tooling and methodologies

• View on Cloud Readiness, Architecture and HR

• Analysis of Build-up readiness, Tech stacks optimisation and Tech Stack maintenance costs

• Human Capital Risk analysis (knowledge sharing, turnover)

Delivering a Risk Report

Scalability risk report

Vaultinum will deliver a full risk report that summarises findings to show:​
• Overall performance rating, with industry​ benchmark
• Key scalability and software development risks
• Key people/human risks (efficiency, knowledge and availability)
• Suggested remediations​
• Operational action plan ​
• OPEX and CAPEX estimation
• Architecture and infrastructure assessment

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