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Software Escrow Explained

What is a Software Escrow Agreement

A Software Escrow is a contract between a software supplier and their client that allows the client to access the software source code under some specific conditions, such as bankruptcy or insolvency of the supplier, software maintenance issues etc. The software escrow requires the supplier to deposit their source code with a trusted software escrow service provider.

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3 Different Software Escrow Types

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Why Make a Software Escrow Agreement ?

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For Software Vendors

Whether you have decided to enhance your own offering or you’re fulfilling a client’s request, a software escrow is the smartest step towards:

  • adding credibility to your business while also
  • ensuring that your intellectual property rights are protected.

Software Vendors

  • We know that your source code is the “crown jewels” of your business, so handing it over can seem daunting. Call it a necessary evil, but when clients are purchasing and relying on business-critical software that cannot be easily replaced or replicated, offering the availability of an escrow agreement can make the difference in gaining the contract or losing out to one of the many competitors out there.
  • On top of offering a competitive market advantage, a software escrow also ensures that your intellectual property is protected. With every software escrow agreement, Vaultinum dates and time-stamps all materials deposited into the escrow, creating an audit trail which provides proof of ownership of the related intellectual property. As a trusted, independent third party Vaultinum can then vouch for the existence and ownership of your intellectual property, should any copyright infringement claims occur.
  • When entering an escrow agreement with Vaultinum, you know that your source code will be in safe hands with a European trusted third party software escrow service provider with 45 years experience in the protection of digital assets. With ISO 27001 certification, the use of asymmetric encryption and a unique double expertise in IT and legal, our clients benefit from the highest levels of security and protection for all their sensitive assets.
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For Software Clients

With growing dependency on software across all businesses,

  • an escrow agreement will guarantee you access to the deposited source code in the event of supplier failure
  • allowing for continued use of the software and ensuring business continuity.

Software Clients

  • Most businesses, regardless of the sector, rely heavily on at least one critical application. From CRM systems to financial software, without the smooth and continuous co-operation from your supplier of your software, your business runs the risk of being left in the dark.   This can often occur as a result of supplier bankruptcy, insolvency, change of ownership, maintenance or support issues and even discontinuation of a specific software.
  • By having a software escrow, such events, known as release conditions, are agreed to in advance and formalised. If a release condition does occur, an escrow for software will ensure that you are granted access to the deposited source code. As trusted, independent third party software escrow providers with 45 years experience in the protection of digital assets, Vaultinum ensures that your business-critical software remains safe, secure and accessible in the event of supplier failure.
  • With Vaultinum as your software escrow agent, you can rest assured that your reputation and operations are protected and the cost of any downtime is minimised.

Our Software Escrow Services Apply to all Types of Software

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What to Include in an On-premise Escrow?

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What to Include in a SaaS Escrow?

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They Use Vaultinum's Software Escrow Services

How does a software escrow agreement work?

Intuitive Process

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Simplicity and Security Throughout the whole Software Escrow Process

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Your data is encrypted and securely stored on our own servers, using the AES 256 encryption algorithm.

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Our online dashboard allows for multi-user access, making it easy to manage multiple escrow agreements in one place.

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Vaultinum implements a strict and transparent verification procedure before allowing the beneficiary to access the escrowed elements.

Our Pricing Plan

At Vaultinum, a software escrow agreement is possible no matter the delivery method of software, whether it is installed on client machines, SaaS or cloud based. Vaultinum offers 3 types of software escrows depending on the needs of the supplier and client:

Access Clause

access clause
Encrypted deposit
Certificate of deposit
Free updates
Contract template
Dashboard access for beneficiaries
Legal team at your service
Vaultinum follows up source code updates


Bipartite escrow
Encrypted deposit
Certificate of deposit
Free updates
Contract template
Dashboard access for beneficiaries
Legal team at your service
Vaultinum follows up source code updates


Tripartite escrow
Encrypted deposit
Certificate of deposit
Free updates
Contract template
Dashboard access for beneficiaries
Legal team at your service
Vaultinum follows up source code updates

For Increased Peace of Mind

800€verified deposit
from 3000€controlled deposit

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