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With interest in AI rising exponentially, two concerns have arisen in the investment world. First, how can one evaluate a company that develops AI models, in a world awash with AI washing[1]? Second, when investing in an industry, what is the potential for AI systems to disrupt that industry? 

To help make informed decisions about AI model evaluations and AI’s potential impact on industries, conducting thorough AI due diligence is now imperative.

Vaultinum's AI due diligence, encompassing AI use audits and technology tech strategy assessments, assists investors, stakeholders, and companies in identifying potential risks and opportunities that can influence the success of an investment. Vaultinum’s audits include comprehensive questionnaires, interviews and codescan.

artificial intelligence audit by vaultinum
AI Audits by Vaultinum
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AI Tech Use and Valuation Audits: Ensuring Authenticity in AI Systems

One of the key AI audits offered by Vaultinum is an AI use audit, which plays a critical role for companies looking to demonstrate the authenticity and value of their AI systems, particularly when preparing for a sale or investment. In today's climate of heightened interest in AI and the risks associated with AI washing and overevaluations, companies need credible assessments to distinguish genuine AI capabilities from exaggerated claims.

How It Works

When a company seeks to assess and validate its AI capabilities, it can engage Vaultinum to conduct an AI use audit. Vaultinum employs a comprehensive approach involving a questionnaire, interviews with key employees, and a code scan of the AI system.

During the audit process, Vaultinum scrutinises the AI system to evaluate its complexity, investment level, and scalability. The audit provides a detailed report, offering insights into the sophistication of the AI model, the computational power required, and the extent of investment dedicated to its development. Vaultinum uses the audit results to produce a score-card that can be passed on to potential investors and stakeholders to demonstrate genuine AI integration in systems.

Benefits for Sellers and Investors

For companies planning to sell or seeking investment, a positive AI use audit outcome can significantly enhance their valuation and credibility. Companies can effectively demonstrate to potential buyers or investors that they are not engaging in AI washing by undergoing a thorough assessment and receiving a favourable audit report.

This audit is equally valuable for private equity investors navigating the AI landscape. With the AI market booming and a proliferation of AI startups, investors face the challenge of distinguishing genuine AI capabilities from inflated claims. Vaultinum's AI use audits empower investors to make informed decisions by providing clarity on key factors such as AI model complexity, scalability potential, and the level of investment in AI development.

Ensuring Real AI Systems

Ultimately, the goal of AI use audits is to ensure transparency and authenticity in AI systems. By leveraging Vaultinum's expertise in AI due diligence, companies and investors alike can confidently engage in transactions knowing they are acquiring or investing in genuine AI technology that aligns with their expectations and objectives.

AI Disruption - Tech Strategy Audits: Ensuring Future-Proof Investments

In an era of exponential AI growth, investors and companies alike face the pressing challenge of anticipating and leveraging AI's impact on their industries. The risk of disruptive AI technologies emerging post-acquisition or investment underscores the need for proactive AI tech strategy audits.

Addressing Market Disruption Concerns

Consider a scenario where investors are eyeing a software company in a specific industry. They fear future AI advancements could render their investment obsolete, potentially disrupting the market with cheaper and more efficient alternatives. To mitigate such risks and ensure a sound investment, these investors can turn to Vaultinum for an AI tech strategy audit.

Vaultinum's tech strategy audit evaluates the potential impact of AI disruptors—both near and distant future threats—that could affect the investment. This strategic assessment provides invaluable insights into market dynamics and beyond identifying disruption, it highlights potential AI enhancers that the acquired company can adopt to bolster efficiency and competitiveness.

Enabling Strategic Decision-Making

The primary objective of this audit is twofold. Firstly, it empowers investors to make informed decisions by identifying and analysing AI disruptors within the market landscape. Secondly, it assists in identifying internal AI enhancers that can boost operational efficiency and future growth prospects post-acquisition.

Types of AI Tech Strategy Audits

Vaultinum offers two types of AI tech strategy audits tailored to investors' needs:

Flash Audit

This rapid assessment, conducted in under ten days by Vaultinum's AI experts, reviews the target company’s solution, scrutinises the market, competitors, and emerging technologies to pinpoint potential AI disruptors or enhancers relevant to the target company's industry.

In-Depth Audit

A comprehensive evaluation based in the same research themes as the Flash Audit, only more thorough, and includes a detailed cost analysis of implementing AI systems within a specific industry. This detailed audit equips investors or companies with critical insights into the feasibility and cost of internal AI implementation, providing a roadmap for achieving competitive advantages.

Future-Proofing Investments with AI

By leveraging Vaultinum's AI tech strategy audits, investors and companies can navigate the dynamic landscape of AI innovation with confidence. These audits not only safeguard investments from unforeseen disruptions but also uncover opportunities to harness AI as a strategic asset for sustained growth and market leadership.

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[1] See previous articles by Vaultinum

Jean AlbertJean Albert is a registered attorney specializing in international law and is the Chair of Vaultinum’s Strategy and Legal Commissions.

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