About Us

We are a trusted independent third party specialised in the protection and audit of digital assets.

Since 1976, we have enabled thousands of digital creators, digital businesses and tech investors secure their innovations by providing solutions to:

  • Protect their Intellectual Property with IP Deposit and IP Audit
  • Ensure the continuity of their business activity with Software Escrow
  • Mitigate cyber and software risks through in-depth Technology Due Diligence (KYS-Know Your Software).

With secure servers based in Europe, ISO 27001 certification, and a unique double expertise in IT and legal, our clients benefit from the highest levels of security and protection for all their sensitive assets.

Our Mission

Vaultinum Team

We protect investments in technology by reducing risk and increasing the certainty of asset ownership

We secure business continuity through our software escrow services, in case of supplier failure

We promote digital assets by facilitating their use, management, and transfer

We foster digital innovation by helping businesses implement good practices and meet industry standards in the protection of their assets

Our Values


100% online
1 account for all solutions
Multi-access users​
Connect from any device​
Automatic connection to repository


45 years of experience
Legal & IT expertise
Practices recognized in court


ISO27001 certified
Automatic data encyption
Data stored on our servers
Servers located in Europe

Who we are

We're a multi-talented bunch

The Vaultinum team are not only experts in legal technology, but are equally as knowledgeable in all things tech. What’s more, with our diverse and global workforce, our team brings truly international insight and experience in some of the world’s most thriving markets today.

Philippe Thomas

Philippe Thomas


Josh Nunn

Josh Nunn

Managing Director for UK and Northern Europe

Enrique O'Connor

Enrique O'Connor

Managing Director for Spain, Portugal and LATAM

Guillaume Acard

Guillaume Acard

Chief Technical Officer

Kristin Avon

Kristin Avon

Expert Legal & Strategy

Marine Yborra

Marine Yborra

Chief Marketing Officer

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