About us

Vaultinum (formely CELOG) is a trusted independent third party specialized in the protection of digital assets.

Our mission

To protect investments in technology by reducing risk and increasing the certainty of asset ownership

To secure the continuity of your business activity despite supplier failure

To promote digital assets by facilitating their use, management, and transfer

To foster creation of digital assets by helping businesses implement good practices and meet industry standards in the development of their assets

40 years of experience

Vaultinum is committed to protecting innovators and investors.

Our double expertise in IT and Legal enables our clients to benefit from the highest levels of security and protection for their intellectual property and all sensitive assets.

Vaultinum’s specific features

The traditional way of protecting assets

  • Tedious and time-consuming manual solutions
  • Limited proof value
  • Long processes with little to no support

The Vaultinum Way of protecting assets

  • Automated and digital solutions
  • Proof of rights recognized in courts
  • Assistance from our Legal and IT experts

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