Cyber Security Audit

Expert evaluation of an organisation’s cyber security resilience

  • Comprehensive data-driven approach

  • Unique combination of self-assessment, source code scan and pen test

  • Illustrated score report and action plan based on industry standards

  • Mitigated and completed by our cyber security experts

  • Online platform for collaborative management

Cyber Security Audit

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Cyber Security Audits at Vaultinum

Why Make a Cyber Security Audit?

A Cyber Audit will allow an organisation to ensure it has implemented the most cyber hygiene practices and that its IT infrastructure is well-positioned to resist cyber attacks and limit their cost, should they occur. Ignoring cyber threats can be costly:
• Price of ransom payments
• Lost revenue from business interruption
• Reputational damage
• Lost opportunities
• Post-sale disputes
• Cost of litigation
• Insurance rate hikes
• Criminal investigation
• Legal expenses
• Regulatory fines

cybersecurity audit

What do our cyber security audits reveal?

100% secure, 100% of the time
We’ve been securing source code for 40 years
and provide the highest level of security

• Secrecy of the source code assured through a strict workflow

• Upload made through secure server (no email, no SFTP) direclty through our plateform or via Git

• Temporary presence on our server with total deletion after the scan analysis

• No access by external parties or human ressources. Only scanner can read

• Non-disclosure agreements, letters of guarantee and certificate of destruction

Effortless Cyber Security Audit: One Dashboard, Complete Control

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Online Assessment

cybersecurity online assessment

Online questionnaires to analyse potential cyber security
issues regarding:
• Security governance and risk management
• Data protection compliance measures
• Premises and equipment protection measures
• Network and infrastructure management processes

Source Code Scan

source code scan

Our unique proprietary methodology, collects and analyses data via our source code scanners:​
• Identification of free and OS code vulnerabilities ​
• Identification of OSS vulnerabilities vs NVD and Github
• Inventory of versioning and associated known vulnerabilities
• Review of content for contributors
• Review of commercial code integrated
• Evaluation of theft risk

Contextualisation with Experts

Contextualisation with Experts

Once the online assessment and the code scan are completed, the Cyber Security Expert adapts the results to the context of the assessed company to:
• Review findings in context of business objectives
• Identify mitigating factors
• Understand technology environment and end use
• Evaluate potential remedies to formulate a relevant action plan​

Delivering a risk report

cyber risk report

Within 3 weeks, Vaultinum will deliver a full risk report that summarises findings to show:​
• Overall performance rating as compared to the industry​
• Key cyber security risks and suggested remediations​
• Operational action plan ​
• Expert insights to factualise risks and recommendations​

Pen testing upon request

A penetration test will reveal vulnerabilities and weaknesses in system application configurations and network infrastructure that could lead to data breach, virus or ransomware.
Pen test is often seen as a « rehearsal » in order to get ready for a real attack and ISO 27001 or standard PCI regulations require companies to conduct regular pen tests and security reviews.

Contact our sales for more information on pen testing options

Do you want to know more about how to assess your resilience with a cyber security audit?