Tech Due Diligence

Data-driven, 360° IT assessment and risk mitigation

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IP Audit

Identify, evaluate and reduce software IP risks

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Digital proof solution

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IP Deposit

Prove the ownership of your digital assets

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Software Escrow

Ensure business continuity​ and reduce supplier dependency

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Protect your IP, create an Escrow, or launch a Tech Due Diligence

Manage your assets, contracts and beneficiaries via a 
single Online Management Platform

Get automatic updates direct from your repository to our secure servers

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Our Clients Talk About Vaultinum

"Consilience Ventures has the currency for entrepreneurs by way of tokenizing a VC fund. We use Vaultinum to protect our members by giving them the option to safely and securely store their password and seedphrase to avoid losing millions of euros, like we've seen in the past with crypto currencies."

Consilience Ventures

"We were impressed with the quality of Vaultinum's full audit services. They provided us with an expert analysis of our software and practical recommendations on how to address the issues highlighted in the report. It has reinforced the confidence we have in our software and will support our growth throughout the coming months."

Horizon Software

"Online and cost-effective escrow agreement of Vaultinum's services has allowed us to sign crucial contracts with demanding Banks. We were reassured by the reactivity and expertise of their team and by the level of security implemented to keep our source code and our know-how safe. Our clients were reassured by Vaultinum’s ability to retrieve the source code in case of failure."


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