Vaultinum and Netsystem Announce Partnership

Vaultinum and Netsystem Announce Partnership

NETSYSTEM & VAULTINUM: A unique offer in Europe to meet the challenges of digital transformation in M&A transactions.

As M&A transactions are becoming more and more important in the Tech sector, investors are demanding solid guarantees on the quality of software assets: web platforms, software, SaaS, etc. The partnership between Vaultinum's technology and Netsystem's expertise provides investors with the means to thoroughly analyse the quality, reliability, scalability, intellectual property and cybersecurity of the software code they wish to invest in.

An innovative technology for auditing software

Specialising in the protection and auditing of software and other digital assets for 40 years, Vaultinum has developed Know-Your-Software (KYS), an automated technology due diligence tool that analyses every line of software source code to identify flaws and vulnerabilities.

"The digital transformation of our economies is necessarily leading to a strong growth in innovations involving software. Existing due diligence processes struggle to provide a comprehensive and reliable analysis of software, which is a major source of risk for investors," said Philippe Thomas, CEO of Vaultinum. The alliance between Vaultinum Know Your Software and Netsystem addresses this issue by providing an automated, in-depth software analysis solution, complemented by an operational diagnosis of the state of the technology by Netsystem experts."


Netsystem, a 360° IT expertise in M&A operations.

Netsystem expands its IT consulting offer to investors by providing them with a methodological and tool-based approach to Tech audits. As assets are more and more often software, the demand for source code audits during M&A transactions is increasing. The analysis of source code poses a number of due diligence challenges that cannot be met by traditional approaches using manual, time-consuming and usually expensive audits. "With risk assessment at the heart of our IT due diligence services, we felt it was important to complement our offering with a comprehensive software audit tool to meet the growing demand for security, intellectual property, quality and compliance in transactions. Thanks to this strategic partnership, Netsystem strengthens its expertise and asserts itself as the only European player in the information systems consulting market capable of addressing all the technological issues involved in mergers and acquisitions," concludes Olivier Cazzulo, CEO of Netsystem.



Netsystem is a consulting firm specialising in information systems and digital transformation for private and public organisations. Netsystem is a key player in IT M&A operations. The company is based in Paris, Aix-en-Provence and Tours. With 250 active clients and more than 10 years of experience in IT consulting and digital transformation, Netsystem has recorded a turnover of €3.5 million in 2021. In 2019, Netsystem is creating a subsidiary entirely dedicated to data protection, called dposystem.


Established in 1976, the company has helped thousands of digital innovators and investors protect their intellectual property, ensure business continuity and manage software and cybersecurity risks.