FAQ Tech Due Diligence

Tech Due Diligence

What is tech due diligence ?

Tech due diligence is a process that allows and investor or a software developer/owner to audit their technology in order to identify risks and vulnerabilities. 

What types of vulnerabilities can the code scan identify?

Our source code scanner reads each line of the source code uploaded on the Vaultinum platform and identifies risks in the the following areas: risks related to intellectual property and usage of open source software, risks linked to cybersecurity and risks linked to quality, manitenance and scalability of the software.

How long does a full tech due diligence take?

Vaultinum's full tech due diligence solution proposes a unique combination of online assessment questionnaires, a source code scan and contextualised feedback from an IT expert, with the whole process taking about 3 weeks.

Do I have to take the full tech due diligence or is there a lighter option?

Vaultinum's tech audits are very flexible and will adapt to your needs and budget. If you want an in depth understanding of the quality of the technology you have developed or are thinking of purchasing, then we recommend the full tech due diligence version. However you can also opt for some specific audits, focusing only on IP, cybersecurity and scalability, or even go for the stabd aline online assessment mode. For a quote, please contact our team.