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ESG Audit

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ESG Audit

ESG Audit

ESG Audit

Evaluate how your organisation is handling environmental, social and governance aspects, by answering our online assessment surveys. Once completed, Vaultinum delivers a report with a score, industry benchmark and recommendations on good practices and how to bring your organisation in line with industry standards.

ESG audits explained

Who should use Vaultinum's ESG audits ?

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For Investors

  • Evaluates the quality of environmental management and organisational resilience in terms of climate risks
  • Provides essential insight into the target's environmental performance and recommendations to improve your decision making
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For All Organisations

  • Highlights the current performance on environmental and sustainability matters
  •  Provides concrete guidance on the processes to put in place to achieve, and maintain, a net-zero goal.
  • Proves to stakeholders and investors that you are meeting industry standards

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