Provide proof of event with timestamping

In the event of a claim, it is up to the insured person to prove by any means the nature and extent of the damage, in order to establish his loss. He or she must demonstrate the occurrence of the event, the resulting damage, and its financial impact. This requirement serves several purposes, including preventing fraudulent claims, and ensuring that the insurance coverage is utilised appropriately.

Provide proof of event with timestamping
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Use Vaultinum timestamping to prove damage claims

Timestamping plays a crucial role in the insurance industry, providing a reliable and verifiable method for documenting and validating important events. It captures the exact date and time when the asset was created, modified, or accessed. With Vaultinum, you can easily timestamp pictures, documents or any other digital asset used to prove a damage to a person or a property, an accident, an infringment, etc.

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