Certified Timestamping

Create an unforgeable proof of date and time of event

  • Adapted for e-commerce price compliance

  • Suitable for supply chain traceability

  • Allows instant infringement reports

  • Aligned with the eIDAS regulation

Certified timestamping

How does timestamping work?

timestamping process

1 - The client connects to the Vaultinum platform with an API. Once we receive the document, a hash is created

2 - Vaultinum adds a date & time to the hash and creates a timestamp token

3 - The client receives the signed hash and the timestamp with the document for archiving

Timestamping: simple to implement, easy to use

timestamping technical features

• Automation with an API integration

• Sandbox Environment dedicated to testing

• Developer center to support integration

• High performance and scalability by design

• Compliant with the timestamping protocol RFC3161

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