Whether you are an investor or a company, big or small, Environmental Performance, denoting the control of pollution and stewardship of natural resources,  is the new regulatory framework to watch out for to stay up to speed with the market and a company’s bottom line.  It is on the radar of employees, consumers, shareholders, regulators and governments.

Without question, the transition to a Net Zero economy is well underway and organisations have a critical role to play in carrying it out.  Organisations that fail to act constructively on existing or upcoming environmental reporting requirements face a number of consequences, including:

  • Greater difficulty accessing capital as environmental performance becomes a key component in investor risk assessment,
  • Regulatory fines related to non-compliance,
  • Worse financial performance and operational risks due to untimely action on climate change, and
  • Reputational damage for not playing a part in combating climate change.

The KYS Environmental Performance (EP) Online Assessment was designed to highlight a company’s current performance on environmental and sustainability matters and provide concrete guidance on the processes to put in place to achieve, and maintain, a net-zero goal.  With the KYS EP Assessment, organisations avoid unrealistic ambition and greenwashing discourse to concentrate on realistic goal settings and reasonable milestones to achieve such objectives in line with COP Paris Climate Change Targets.

Vaultinum’s EP Assessment tool pursues two objectives.  First, it evaluates the quality of environmental management and organizational resilience in terms of climate risks.  Second, it identifies the areas that could be further developed or remediated and provides actionable recommendations and guidance for addressing common risks.  Its survey methodology was developed in alignment with international agreements, treaties, good practices and regulations, as well as industry specific practices.

Vaultinum is committed to combatting climate change and helping organisations ensure that its (i) sustainability measures are comprehensive and impactful, (ii) environmental strategy is aligned for growth, and (iii) management of climate risks is all-encompassing.  This is why Vaultinum developed its EP Online Assessment tool, to aid organizations on their journey to Net Zero.  Enriched by the statistical inputs of other participants, Vaultinum’s reports and recommendations continually evolve, delivering accurate scoring and relevant, up-to-date recommendations. Finally, Vaultinum’s Environmental Performance Online Assessment score easily communicates to stakeholders and investors that an organisation or product meets the industry standards and expert recommendations for environmental sustainability.

Tips for Completing the Questionnaire

The KYS Online Assessment centralizes the due diligence process onto one easy to use online platform that delivers evaluations and recommendations aimed a optimizing the processes and operations of a company.

The EP Assessment takes approximately 1 hour and 30 minutes to complete.

In order to facilitate the process, we recommend having a resident subject matter expert(s)  perform the assessment in order to ensure the most accurate scoring and recommendations.

Likewise, we suggest avoiding, as much as possible, the ‘Do not know’ response as this will result in a greater negative impact on the overall score.

To aid in your designation of an expert(s), we identified the main services implicated in the EP Assessment: Legal, Procurement, Finance and General Management.

If at anytime during the course of the assessment, you have a question or concern about the questionnaire itself, please contact our experts at experts@vaultinum.com.