KYS Self-Assessment: online Internal Auditing Tool

Vaultinum has developed an online auditing tool that enables companies to conduct their own due diligence in several areas including, cyber security, intellectual property, and software management. In particular, the Know Your Software solution assesses risk, compliance and good practices of a company’s technology, operations and processes, in the areas of:

  • Security and Vulnerability
  • Maintainability
  • Ownership of Intellectual Property
  • Inventory of open-source licenses used

The audit surveys and the resulting recommendations were created in collaboration with leading experts in the fields analyzed.  At the completion of the audit, an evaluation report is automatically generated that provides, among others, (i) quantitative ratios; (ii) qualitative information on the assessed company’s practices; (iii) benchmarking of the assessed company’s performance and (iv) actionable recommendations.

The advantages of the KYS Self-Assessment are twofold: in the short term, the results of the audit presents a company with critical information on their technology and processes; in the long term, the implementation of recommendations can increase the value of the software asset by limiting risk and improving operations and processes.

KYS Full Audit: in-depth Software Scan + access to KYS Self-Assessment

Vaultinum’s KYS Full Audit solution is an intelligent software source-code scan aimed at helping companies analyze and understand the components of a software source code.  The KYS Full Audit solution conducts an in-depth scanning of a software source code providing a detailed evaluation related to intellectual property, maintainability, and security.

The results of this audit are captured in a comprehensive report, independently verified by one of Vaultinum’s CTOs, with clear findings and expert recommendations. KYS Full audit users walk away with a verified trusted evaluation of their software, a risk mitigation plan and a strategy to increase the value of their software asset. 

For investors such as Venture capital or Private Equity firms, KYS Full Audit is the type of investment that keeps on giving: in the short term, the KYS solution provides you with the real value of a company’s technology and thereby, a more accurate value of the targeted company; in the long term, by implementing our recommendations, you can increase the value of the software, thereby increasing the value of the newly acquired company right out of the gate.