WHAT is Know Your Software Self-Assessment?

Know Your Software Self-Assessment is a series of online questionnaires, allowing companies to run their own internal auditing, in 5 keys areas:

  • Cybersecurity
  • Intellectual Property
  • Third-party software management
  • Third-party software distribution
  • Software development

Know Your Software Self-Assessment addresses the dual concerns arising from the risks related to security - data, privacy, business interruptions - and those related to digital assets - intellectual property infringement, third-party licenses, open-source software usage.

WHY use Know Your Software Self-Assessment?

You are planning to sell an asset or raise funds or simply need to monitor your performance over time.

  • Assess your IT performance using an industry standard scoring tool
  • Identify issues and liabilities linked to your technology
  • Get recommendations on how to improve your rating
  • Share scoring reports with your future investors to save time and money

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Developed in alignment with international good practices and regulations such as ISO 27001, 27032, SOC 2 and industry specific practices, Vaultinum Know Your Software Self-Assessment solution allows an organization to evaluate cybersecurity readiness, provides insights on its strengths and delivers actionable recommendations for improvements.


The management of IP is a critical component to the growth and success of a company and its impact in the valuation of companies is gaining recognition. With Vaultinum’s Know Your Software Self-Assessment solution, an organization will understand how well it manages the protection of its IP rights and ensure it owns the rights to make, use or offer for sell the products it develops or acquires. Know Your Software Self-Assessment solution will provide insight into an organization’s risks in IP management and provide guidance on how to improve the situation. The Know Your Software Self-Assessment survey methodology was developed in alignment with international standards and best practices by a team of experts in IP risk management.


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