Cryptosafe Depositd

Never lose your password again


WHAT is a cryptosafe deposit?

A cryptosafe deposit is an online electronic vault which secures your cryptocurrency or token recovery phrase.

All you need to do is to deposit your seedphrase or password on Vaultinum's platform. Your seedphrase is immediately encrypted and securely archived on our servers. Vaultinum delivers a certificate of deposit as proof of your action.

If you forget your seedphrase, you just need to contact Vaultinum and show us your certificate of deposit or even just a proof of ID. We will un-archive and un-encrypt your seed phrase, using a very strict release procedure to ensure that only you will have access to the seed phrase.

WHY use cryptosafe deposit ?

Never lose your password again

Unlike other online password safes on the market, Vaultinum's cryptosafe deposit guarantees access to your password or seed phrase whatever the circumstances.

Maximum security

Once you have uploaded your seedphrase on our platform, it is immediatley encrypted, employing military grade encryption and archived on our private European based servers. You can rest assured that your password is safe with us.

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Your data is encrypted and stored on our servers,
using the AES 256 encryption algorithm.


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Cryptosafe Deposit

Encrypted deposit
Certificate of deposit

Cryptosafe retrieval

Strict release process
Control of the applicant's ID