Proving a copyright means demonstrating that a creation came into existence at a certain point in time. A deposit with a trusted third party, like Vaultinum, who timestamps the work and encrypts it before archiving it on its European servers provides unforgeable proof of the origin of the creation. Each deposit made with Vaultinum is issued a certificate which is recognized by courts as proof of ownership.

Additionally, a deposit, when made on a regular basis, allows you to build, trace and manage the portfolio of your digital creations, thus increasing the value of your entire business.  In some cases, when linked to a software escrow, deposits can reinforce your commercial position by reassuring your clients of the ownership of the creation.

At Vaultinum, our clients also use our deposit solution to protect their strategic immaterial assets (know-how, laboratory notebooks, passwords, algorithms, trade-secrets, sales methods, etc.), which are not otherwise covered by copyright protections. These elements can be deposited on our servers in the same way as source code or data base and benefit from the same level of confidentiality and security.